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Many of the consulting services are supplied to renewable energy, chemical, oil & gas, and electric power firms & projects, which have a by-product CO2 stream. Our clients can have goals for enhancing revenues from an existing CO2 contract, or new revenues from conceptual or grass roots projects, which yield a CO2 by-product. Other clients have an environmental goal for emissions reduction, and perhaps new revenues from their carbon dioxide. Most refining / production plants for CO2, which are dedicated to the merchant market, generally yield from 200 to 1,000 tons per day from the available raw gas source. Some sources smaller than this can be economically viable, when considering their location and source type. When the source is substantially larger, and when it might be committed to a market for sale, the market is usually of a captive nature, such as an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project, or a chemical process requirement.

Generally speaking, most of our CO2 related consulting services are offered to grass roots projects or conceptual projects which yield a by-product CO2, particularly in the case of a feasibility study. The client companies owning the grass roots CO2 projects today, include the ethanol / fermentation project developers/owners in the United States, North America, and internationally. The same geography would apply to the owners of titanium dioxide (TiO2) facilities, and ethylene oxide facilities. For decades, the anhydrous ammonia industry has traditionally been a major source of carbon dioxide to the merchant CO2 trade, as well as to chemical feedstock requirements. Many other chemical processes and syngas sources contain varying levels of carbon dioxide, which may effectively and economically be recovered and utilized in industry today. Source type, and geography are two key issues which drive a successful CO2 production / utilization project today. In select situations, intelligence data and specific consulting services are provided to CO2 producers/refiners as well. We serve the electric power and cogeneration industries, and have provided consulting services to all existing North American CO2 - flue gas recovery projects of a commercial nature, where all such North American flue gas recovery projects are attached to cogeneration facilities. Today, and in the future, CO2 recovery from flue gas will gain more attention, with respect to creating new, strategically located carbon dioxide sources, and the potential for reducing airborne emissions, given the international attention to the development of the Kyoto Protocol, or perhaps alternate Greenhouse Gas / Global Warming efforts in the United States, now under development. Many services are offered to the CO2 source or project, which is upstream of the actual application in industry.

Services to (CO2 based) cryogenic projects and CO2 applications related requirements are also available from the company. We supply consulting services to CO2 - related requirements downstream of the production / refining plant or project as well. This would include services to evaluate and define cryogenic freezing requirements and CO2 application requirements and methodology in all carbon dioxide related applications today.

Our clients include the ethanol, chemical (titanium dioxide, ethylene oxide, anhydrous ammonia), oil and gas, coal gasification, electric power/cogeneration industries. Other industries such as the developments of large fuel cell projects may be viable long term sources for CO2 as well. The environmentally related issues concerning emissions reduction and CO2 related definition are typically offered to government entities and private industry.


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