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Our goals are to bring the best carbon dioxide (CO2) and cryogenic gas evaluations, solutions, and results to your company, via consulting services. We are here to maximize results, and enhance revenues from your project; on a domestic or global scale. The company is supported by decades. long creative and innovative expertise as a CO2 and cryogenic gas consultant; along with diverse merchant gas company experience.

Our consulting work covers all aspects of the CO2 and cryogenic project, from technical, thru market assessment, business development, and expert witness work. Decades of expertise go into the evaluation and development of CO2 sources derived from traditional and non-traditional processes, which include anhydrous ammonia, anthropogenic, reformer, gas processing, TiO2, ethylene oxide, ethanol, advanced biofuels, flue gas, and more. Work is also provided to CO2 utilization / sequestration projects such as algae, EOR, and chemical feedstock considerations.

Advanced Cryogenics also is also a supplier of all forms of new and used equipment to the CO2 and cryogenic gas project; please see the equipment options for more information.

In addition to evaluation of CO2 sources and projects, the company offers work for downstream applications of CO2 and gases in industry; as well as sequestration solutions for carbon dioxide.

Please keep us in mind for new and used CO2 and cryogenic gas equipment, from production plants, to storage and application equipment; the listings within the website are only part of what is available.

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Ask for Sam A. Rushing, who is the owner and president of this consulting firm.

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